Professional Camera Equipment Manufacturer

Many of the past molders we sourced, our molded items to, could not make satisfactory quality parts with our existing molds.  Finally, we sent these “problem Parts” to ACW – Molded Plastic Components to see what they could do.  Within 2 weeks we had their samples of 26 different parts that all passed our Q/C inspection.  ACW – Molded Plastic Components provided on time delivery, quality and pricing that were all better than previous molders we had used over the course of our 20 years.

Woodworking Clamp

Problems were what I had with this woodworking clamp originally.  Repeated quality problems and failure threatened the marketing of our new product.  I called ACW – Molded Plastic Components on a recommendation from another industry manufacturer.  Instantly the product quality was perfect from ACW – Molded Plastic Components.  I noticed the part weight was heavier, as the ACW – Molded Plastic Components staff explained the parts were fully packed as compared to the original samples I sent them for evaluation.  They even came up with a small design modification that eliminated my post molding assembly.

U.S. Government Contractor

We needed a last minute quote on two molds and part prices. Within 2 days quotes were in our hands from ACW – Molded Plastic Components.  We kicked off the project one day later.  In under 8 weeks, we had samplings from ACW – Molded Plastic Components for approval, which we did that day and established part prices that were better than what other molders quoted weeks later.  The project parts have internal and external threads that mate with a third piece perfectly.

U.S. Government Contractor

I told my customer I needed to design a part in plastic that was currently manufactured in aluminum.  I know my customer had other plastic parts molded for them, from a molder that had good experience with.  They recommended ACW – Molded Plastic Components. ACW – Molded Plastic Components did the whole design and designated glass filled nylon to meet my critical application for the material.  The parts exceeded the product performance level we specified, and established our company at the performance standard called out by the Army.  We are very happy with ACW – Molded Plastic Components.

Biological Action Water Treatment Facility

With a specific gravity rating of 2.8 (2.8 times heavier than water per volume) know one I talked to wanted to mold the raw material that we need our parts in.  ACW – Molded Plastic Components was responsible for the design and manufacturer of the molds for our thick walled product.  The part came out perfect.  We did a second project with making parts of glass filled polypropylene with also thick walls.  The parts must mate together without scalants or O rings and they did.  ACW – Molded Plastic Components did a great job on extremely difficult parts to mold.