Custom Molded Products

Wood working Tool

Glass Filled Nylon

This customer came to American Cord & Webbing with several issues ranging from dimension to overall strength of the part. There were problems with the size of the internal hole to accept a metal insert. We modified the tool to have the metal insert placed into the mold before the plastic injection. This created an integrally molded plastic over brass part with a perfect fit. Secondary after mold assembly was eliminated. Result: Perfect injection molded parts without variation.

Camera Parts

Plastic Alloy

A maker of high end flash accessories sent 6 molds. Two of the molds had never produced acceptable parts. One mold contained 15 small parts and produced quality acceptable parts with adjustments of the molding parameters made by ACW. After sampling the second mold, it was determined that a few changes to the mold were required. ACW received authorization to do the mold changes. This mold has been producing quality parts for almost 10 years.

As a result of our success with this project, the customer has sent us molds that they had placed with other molders and were not able to produce acceptable parts. All of these molds are producing acceptable quality parts. ACW quoted to build and run two additional parts. This was accepted by the customer. These parts have been successfully integrated into our customer's product line.

Water Pump Part

Glass Filled Polypropylene

ACW designed a mold to the part specifications given by the customer which included critical dimensions. We hit the target dimensions exactly and they stayed well within extremely tight tolerances. Because of such good results the customer had ACW build a second mold to produce another tight tolerance molded piece that interlocks with the original part. Accurate fill of the mold cavities and cavity temperature must be extremely consistent to produce acceptable parts.

Instrument Housing


This multipart project involved housings, gears and other interlocking parts. The end use is confidential and further information cannot be disclosed. However, ACW had to calculate almost unpredictable shrink rates so all parts could interlock or mesh with each other in the end use.

Gray Mask Piece


The customer lies this piece flat to sew into a safety shield. After assembly, the piece then retracts to its original rounded shape while maintaining its strength. The trick was to predict stiffness flexural modulus of the plastic injection molded part as it flexed for assembly and then relax to its original shape. The flow of plastic as it fills the mold cavity had to be predicted to assure minimalization of molded material stress to allow the above described part flexure.